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About a year back I was suffering from acute cataract problem in my both eyes and the reading papers or working on computer had become almost impossible.

Fortunately, I met Dr. Sanjiv Gupta, a Senior Eye Surgeon, who thoroughly checked up my eyes and operated them, one after the other, and implanted lenses. It was really like magic in few hours that I re-gained my complete sight. By the mercy of Almighty, my both eyes are now perfect and I have never faced even a minor problem since then.

I found Dr. Sanjiv Gupta a highly skilled surgeon, possessing an excellent capability of managing the whole process of eye treatment from diagnosis to post-operation stage flawlessly.

I have experienced a very kind and courteous Dr. Sanjiv Gupta, who has developed in his staff also a human attitude toward patients. The patient feels in himself a VIP when he is in the clinic of Dr. Sanjiv Gupta.

Mr. Uday Khandeparkar

Among the doctors at the I Care Centre, I have known Dr. Monica Mahajan for the longest period, going to about eight years. In a day and age when treatment for virtually every ailment is determined after high-end diagnostics machines give their findings, I’ve seen Dr. Monica diagnose illnesses simply with her experience and clinical ability.

A careful hearing through the stethoscope, lots of questions and little bit of prodding about the affected parts of the body and Dr. Monica can tell what’s wrong. I’ve seen this ability in her even with rare ailments such as motor neuron disease which afflicted by brother-in-law, who has since passed away.

Even before the electromyography (EMG) confirmed his muscle and nerve dysfunction, Dr. Monica knew it and asked us to see a neurologist. This ability is rare and is crucial because in times of dire need, she can start off the treatment even before the dignostic reports come in. As a thorough professional though, Dr. Monica will still recommend all the necessary tests to confirm her findings

when it comes to a patient’s well-being, there’s no place for vanity. That’s what makes her a great healer.

Mr. Gaura

Doctor was very polite and his diagnosis was accurate.Medicine prescribed healed the eye allergy within few applications.Would highly recommend him.

Mr. Akhil Raj Tiwari

Clinic was neat n clean, fully equipped and the receptionist was well behaved and beautiful….:)

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